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Addressing common concerns about “special needs kids” and divorce

In this blog, we will explore two common questions about “special needs kids” and divorce.

When you hear the term “special needs kids,” you may ask yourself, “What does that really mean?” The answer to this is that, in general, all children are “special,” and they all have some sort of “special needs.”

The second question we need to answer is: how can parents deal with “special needs kids” in a divorce situation?

Answer In Divorce Cases:

The “special needs kid” requires “special care”. When the parents of a “special needs kid” are embroiled in a divorce, the conflicts between the parties cast a long shadow over all of the issues – including how to provide this “special care” their child requires. Addressing “special care” in divorce can be a complex undertaking, but the assistance of an experienced family law mediator is invaluable.

Aspects of “special care” that these cases entail include the following:

  1. Significant financial expenditures
  2. Commitments of time
  3. Assistance of talented third parties
  4. Long-term obligations.

Addressing the unique aspects of the case in the safe forum of mediation allows parents to focus on the “special needs” of the “special kid” and to construct the best possible future for their child.

The bottom line is that mediation gives divorcing parties the opportunity to be “special parents” for their “special needs kids”.


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