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Posted by Laura E. Jones | Feb 05, 2024 | 0 Comments


The intimate relationship had begun to slip away, indifference was evolving into contempt, arguments became frequent, tempers flared, insults and threats were shouted – the flash point!

Counselors caution that a flash point is a very serious warning.  The risk of serious physical injury is at its highest immediately before a partner leaves.

Escape Vehicle

Escape from an unsafe relationship usually means grabbing car key fobs and hitting the road.  The objective is to put distance between yourself and the trauma – to escape and disappear long enough to mentally regroup. Ironically, the escape vehicle may actually be reporting the fleeing party's whereabouts.

Electronic Tracking

A false sense of security in the driver's seat is common – the fleeing party simply does not know that the vehicle may surreptitiously foil the escape plan.

A recent New York Times investigation revealed that vehicle-connected smartphone apps can grant abusive partners information about to a victim's movements. GPS capability, stored information about frequently visited locations, remote locking systems and distance starting capabilities can be frightening tools in the hands of a malicious party.

Jessica Rosenworcel, chairman of the FCC, has requested that auto manufacturers  and wireless service providers explain the workings of the “smartphones on wheels” and what can be done to protect users' data and privacy.  Similar requests for action have been voiced by officials of the National Domestic Abuse Hotline and the Connected Vehicle Trade Association.

What To Do

Be aware of the technology and when in doubt, turn it off.

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