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Helping Parents Modify and Enforce Child Custody And Support Orders

Child custody and child support arrangements are made in the best interests of the children and based on the net resources of the non-custodial parents. Sometimes those factors that affected the original order for support or custody, or the needs of the child change. At the law office of Mackoy, Hernandez, Jones and Woods LLP, we represent parents seeking to modify previous parenting orders and parenting arrangements.

For questions regarding your legal options in the modification or enforcement of child custody or support, we can help. When you call our firm to schedule your initial appointment, you can rest assured that you will meet directly with an experienced family law attorney, not an associate. We will personally help address your individual legal concerns regarding modification and enforcement. Contact our Frisco or McKinney office today.

Our firm represents clients seeking modification or enforcement, as well as those contesting an attempt to modify prior orders, including child custody, visitation, child support, and spousal support or alimony.

Child Custody and Child Support Modification

Children grow and their needs change, finances fluctuate, parents relocate. These are all situations that may require you to change custody or child support arrangements.

We help parents reevaluate the original orders and represent clients and their children's best interests in child custody and support modifications.

Child Support Enforcement

All child support payments are monitored by the Attorney General's office in Texas. We will perform a thorough evaluation and discovery of the claim, do a calculation of the child support paid, and determine the appropriate payment owed.

If circumstances have changed that affect your ability to fulfill your financial obligations to your child, it is extremely important that you seek child support modification immediately. Child support cannot be discharged through bankruptcy, and if your payments become more than you can handle, you may face jail time. Do not wait for the request to process through the Attorney General's office. You need the help of an experienced family law attorney who will move the process of modification along as quickly as possible. We can help.

Enforcement of Possession and Access

If you have a possession order in effect for your child and find that the other parent is refusing to relinquish the child to you during your periods of possession, you may have a cause of action for enforcement of your order.  Contact us today to explore your options.

Our attorneys have almost 100 years of experience handling difficult and sensitive family law matters. Whatever legal challenge you are facing, trust our commitment to our clients and our reputation for aggressive advocacy on their behalf. Contact the law office of Mackoy, Hernandez, Jones and Woods LLP to schedule an initial consultation today.

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