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Helping Individuals Establish Comprehensive Estate Plans

Wills and trusts are frequently used as part of the process for creating a comprehensive estate plan. Our lawyers work to help clients understand the importance of these types of estate planning instruments, advising them when drafting and modifying these documents. Contact us to learn more about wills and trusts or our estate planning services. We offer a full range of estate planning services provided by our experienced attorneys at Mackoy, Hernandez, Jones and Woods LLP.

Establishing A Will

Also called a last will and testament, a will is a set of instructions for the distribution of your assets and payment of your debts upon your death. The only way to ensure assets are dispersed according to your wishes is to have a legally valid will. Our lawyers are able to thoroughly explain how to draft a will that conveys your wishes.

If you have a will, but haven't review or revised it recently, we will take the time to examine your situation and determine if your will is still properly structured to meet your goals and life circumstances. In addition to handling the drafting of a will, we handle litigation issues when a will has been contested by a beneficiary or other individual.

The Advantages Of A Trust

Establishing a trust is an effective way of protecting assets for your future or your loved one's futures. Trusts are flexible estate planning tools and there are many different types of trusts that can be used to accomplish various goals. By assessing your situation and desire for the assets that will be going into the trust, we can effectively determine the best type of trust for you. Below are some of the trusts we help our clients create:

  • Revocable trust / irrevocable trust
  • Living trust
  • Simple trust
  • Special needs trust

With almost 100 years of combined experience, our attorneys are equipped to deal with a wide range of estate planning situations, including disputes and litigation related to the wills and trusts.

Contact a skilled and knowledgeable wills and trusts attorney at Mackoy, Hernandez, Jones and Woods LLP today to discuss your case and options.

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