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Posted by Laura E. Jones | May 14, 2024

Most Courts in North Texas have “Standing Orders” that become effective when a divorce or child custody case is filed.  The purpose of the “Standing Orders” is to avoid the unreasonable and impulsive reactions that some people have when learning that they have been sued.  For example, the “Standing Orders” prohibit behaviors such as disconnecting the utilities at the marital residence, canceling your divorcing spouse's insurance coverage, hiding the child from the other parent, etc. 

Parties should treat these “Standing Orders” as formal court orders and adhere to them as closely as possible.  Violation of the “Standing Orders” can result in serious consequences, perhaps even being held in contempt of court.

If you are not sure if “Standing Orders” are in effect in your case, then you should ask your attorney.  Generally, the “Standing Orders” are attached to the petition with which you are served, or if you are the filing party, they are attached to the petition you filed.  Below are links to the “Standing Orders” for Collin and Denton Counties.  If you have a family suit pending, please familiarize yourself with these Orders to avoid any unintentional violation.

Collin County Order Regarding Children, Property, and Conduct of the Parties

Denton County Order Regarding Children, Property, and Conduct of the Parties

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