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Child support modification tips for fathers

Posted by Laura E. Jones | Feb 24, 2017 | 0 Comments

As a father going through the divorce process, you may be concerned about what the future will bring with regard to your relationship with your child (or children).

With this in mind, you take a variety of steps to ensure that you continue to play a big role in the raising of your child. In some cases, this means paying child support on a monthly basis.

While you have no problem paying child support, you must remember one thing to be true: Your situation could change in the future.

In other words, you may find yourself unable to make full payments down the road. There are many reasons for this, including but not limited to a job loss or serious medical concern.

Although you realize that you are unable to stay current with your payments, this doesn't mean you can simply make a change. Instead, you need to go through the process of requesting a child support modification from the court.

From where you stand, you may believe that your case is cut and dry. However, the court may not take the same stance. This is why you need to follow these tips as you move forward:

  • Don't hesitate. If you are unable to make your payment for any reason, you should immediately move forward with the modification request. Remember this: You still owe the money until the court makes a change.
  • Keep making payments to the best of your ability. Even if there is no way for you to make the full payment, don't hesitate to send some money. This shows the court that you are doing your best to stay current. It also helps avoid a situation in which you'll owe an abundance of back child support in the future.
  • Consult with the other parent. Depending on your relationship and your current situation, the other parent may agree to modified payments for the time being. Sometimes, you can work this out without going to court.

Just because you go through divorce doesn't mean that your relationship with your child comes to an end. As a father, you take great pride in doing your part in raising your child to the best of your ability.

If you run into issues regarding the ability to make child support payments, there are some steps you can take to work toward a modification.

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