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Can split custody help me care for my kids?

Posted by Laura E. Jones | Mar 08, 2020 | 0 Comments

Parents want what's best for their kids. And while giving them that can be hard after divorce, it's not impossible.

If parents have more than one child, this can pose challenges. Some parents may think it's better to keep siblings together. However, others may find it beneficial to keep them separate so that parents can focus solely on each child's needs. If that's the case, split custody could be a suitable option.

Children's needs can vary depending on their age

While families' circumstances differ, caring for a toddler can be very different from caring for a teenager. For instance, toddlers typically rely on a parent for the most basic of functions like eating, playing and getting to bed. Teenagers, on the other hand, are generally more independent. If one parent works part-time or has flexible hours, they may have more time to care for the toddler. If the other parent works full-time, they may be a better custodial fit for the teenager.

Other benefits of split custody

Age gaps aren't the only reason split custody can help divorced families. Here are a few other reasons it can be beneficial:

  • One child has behavioral issues and does better with one parent than the other.
  • One child wants to stay in the same school district because they have strong ties to the community.
  • One child has medical issues and one parent has more time and resources to care for them.

Split custody can provide kids with the individual attention and support they need. But parents should still try and have siblings spend time together. Whether it's through overlapping parenting time or holidays, they should try to help their kids foster a healthy sibling relationship.

Making these decisions comes with challenges

Child custody can be emotionally draining. But when families find a system that works, they can continue to provide the love and support their kids need.

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